tease and denial


Hello to all my fantastic subs and servants! I have not had a snowballs chance in hell to update this site with a new blurb from me…. which means I am simply slammin busy doing session after session! I want to thank all of you who have already sent me amazing Valentines day presents! Yep Nothing says you love your Mistress more then a fantastic tribute or a present from my wishlist! FML bought me a WEEK at a super spiffy spa resort in Arizona! I am looking forward to a week of pampering! BN bought me a yummy box of Godiva chocolates…. they are already GONE! Yep I love chocolate! Thank you Blookie for the Cashmere socks and sweaters…all three sets are just beautiful! I am looking forward to speaking with everyone during your next session with me!

I am happy to say that German Pig Paul has sent me a nice fat Amazon gift card. I knew he could not resist his favorite Mistress. You see I have him brainwashed. German Pig Paul has personalized mp3s that I have made him over the years and he is addicted to listening to them. I love taking advantage of him and letting him know what a true PIG he is!!

So it seems the typical *round* of assholes has found the Phone world. What are phone assholes you say? They are the ones who CANNOT READ! They are taken with my photos and fail to see I DO NOT DO VANILLA CALLS. There is nothing you can say or do to make me change my mind. I do not have any interest in you or your pathetic small pricklet. Yesterday they were all out in full force. My favorite one is the one who says he cant find *a good dom* he pledged his allegience as a sub but as usual he was one of those fat asses who does not have a fucking clue. Sooo thankful for the BLOCK BUTTON! I love how they think leaving bad feedback is going to hurt my feelings or my ratings LMAO it does the OPPOSITE SHIT STAIN!! It is great to see so many of my old clients stopping by! Many of you are amazed that I can remember what kind of fucked up fetish you have!! I remember the GOOD ONES ALWAYS!! I am working today February 24th but will be off tomorrow February 25th and back on Sunday the 26th. Catch ya later!!

Its my favorite time of the year. Lots of fun parties, time off and wonderful presents from all my boys!! German Pig Paul seems to be trying to wait till the last second to send something. You better send something NOW pig or else!!!! You are way over due for your fucking bashings from me!! I know that Pin Dick Adam is still out there reading every single word that I type. You are also over due for a good thrashing and I expect you to send your yearly, wonderful Christmas tribute!! Those are my two favorite boys who never fail me on my special days!! I have been super busy and just returned from a wonderful trip to Cancun Mexico. I am back at work and ready to thrash you fuckers!! If you are wondering HOW to shop for me it is very easy. Go to my wishlist button located on the top right of this page, click and shop OR send me an electronic gift card at mizzandria@yahoo.com I am much better to shop for then your slob wife or leachy girlfriend!! haha! Thanks to the boys who have already sent gifts and cards!! you rock!! Hope to speak with you about all your crazy fetish related secrets!!!

I had a killer week thanks to all my wonderful clients!! It seems like many of you who have been gone for a long time are now back on Niteflirt and ready for more action!! One of my best qualities is that I can remember ALL of my VIPS!! No I dont keep notes or write things down about you. If I truly enjoyed our session and you are a regular client, you are very easy for me to remember!! I got to talk with and also do a cam show with Butt Sniffer John!! I about died when I saw him in his faggoty pink panties LMAO John has been calling me on and off for about five years now. He is always a great conversation and loves when I bash the shit out of him for being a butt sniffer. What a treat it was to see this tiny tooled boy on cam!! The best part of the entire session?? He pulled out his pink plastic pussy and started fucking it on his bed!! Nothing makes me laugh harder or enjoy a call more then listening/watching you do your crazy loser routines!! John you get a gold star for caller of the week!! Thanks for making me laugh!!

I want to thank Brian for all the lovely things and gift cards he has sent to me while playing some forced intox games with me!! It is always soooo much fun to listen to someone getting plastered while they shop their brains out for me!!! I got a wonderful $500 spa certificate, Prada Purse, 2 pairs of Gucci shoes, Dolce perfume, three new dresses, $200 ITUNES card, Bath and Body works spa sets and a $500 Secrets and Lace gift card!! hahahaha!! I know it was the highlight of your week!! Thanks for the money and the gifts sucka!! I keep getting emails from Dumbasses who try to get freebies. Do you not know that your name is already on a loser list and your stupid cut, copy and paste emails go right in the loser trash? You didn’t think I actually read them did you?? Also the great thing about Niteflirt is it has special files and keeps count of how many loser emails you do send! Now do you see why no one pays attention to your stupid ramblings? Yep thats right ass breath!! IGNORE is all you get!!

Some of you have asked if you can pre-book a evening session with me. Yes you can BUT only after you send a tribute so if you do not show up my time is not wasted. That is the only way I do business!! Dont like it? Go call one of those lame ass companies that take your credit card information and try not to be scared what might happen to your credit!! You will just love the inexperienced *Mistress* on the other end of the line LOL the stories I hear about them make me shake my head and wonder WHY you would even go to such a shitty place!! I am here everyday but Tuesdays. Yes I work on the weekends!!! Sunday is my favorite day to work!! See you later boys!!

Hey Mistress Andria fans!! You all have been really lighting up my phone!! I am glad lots of you have found time for YOURSELVES and gotten back down on your knees for me!! It seems there is a entire new crop of sub/slave around this last month. It started at the end of May and has continued through yesterday. More and more subs from overseas are calling and having a TOTAL BLAST!!! I have done some real fun wallet raping/gloryhole adventures/Sissy shows and a whole range of other things!! What are your plans for the 4th? I am spending mine with friends. As I speak I am on the crystal white beach with a tall cold beer in my hand. I will be back to work next Wednesday July 5th. I am glad to see everyone bought up my assignments that I sent out last week!!! Hope you all enjoyed the photos and please do not do anything stupid this weekend!!!

If you are sitting around on your fat ass enjoying your day, THANK A VET! This weekend is a three day weekend for many people and lots of you forget what Memorial Day is really for. I want to thank all my wonderful clients who have served their country and protected our nation. I have been doing a lot of sessions with many of our military members who are in Afghanistan. I hope you all get to come home soon!!

My Tiggie has resurfaced!! Great to hear from you again and hope we can chat soon. My schedule is the same as always…. early mornings till 4pm EST, off on Tuesdays! I am available on the weekends and just like yesterday, I am working all day today! I see many of you have bought my cock control games this week. I hope you are enjoying them…I know I am winning! LOL Catch me on Niteflirt or for my VIPs, my messenger. Waiting for you to crawl through the mud and bow down to my perfection!! Roleplay/fetish/humiliation/sissy boy/ forced bi/cuckbitches are my Forte!!


It has been another great year with all my fun subs! I have not updated this in a few months, bronchitis but for my regular boys, this web you all keep up with me via the phone so no need to worry about updating a blog! I am happy to announce that the recordings on NF are back! I see many of you have been buying my assignments, playing my PTV games and listening to my recordings! Some of you have asked about Ms. Marcy. I have not been in contact with Ms. Marcy for sometime, but I know she would be thrilled that you have inquired about her!! She is the worlds biggest cocksucking crossdresser!!

I want to thank those of you who have sent me gifts for Christmas. I have sent you a email and freebies….check your inbox 🙂 I have gotten some beautiful things off my Amazon wishlist and a lot of nice Gift Cards! A true Sub always remembers his Mistress for the holidays! You are the ones I give special attention/free time ect. Thank you boys!! Hope to talk with you all soon!


My wishlist link! SHOP IT BITCHES!!!


I just typed out a wonderful update and it DID NOT SAVE. WordPress is a piece of shit!! I will give everyone the short version.. I am working everyday but TUESDAYS. You can contact me through Niteflirt or by instant messanger. Yes I do a lot of text sessions. You DO NOT have to ask me for permission to call. Do not send me emails asking if you can call…….I do not sit in front of the computer all day long and some of you have found out a day later that you missed your chance!! I DO NOT switch nor do I do boring ass vanilla calls. For those of you looking for hardcore humiliation phone calls I am your Domme!! Remember this is not a dating service, resuscitator dont get all fucking bent out of shape when I wont meet your loser ass!! I do have plenty of real time subs that work for me and I am not looking to meet up with strangers.

I have had a lot of forced bi calls this week and I LOVE THEM!! Do yourselves a favor though, diet there must be a website for assholes because there is a small handful of you boring fucks that use the exact same line….. first of all SPEAK THE FUCK UP!! do not call me whispering…you sound fucking stupid and if I cant hear you then I cant train your ass. Dont try and act like I am your chummy ole pal. You sound so fucking stupid when you call and say MMMMMMMMMMM over and over again BORING BORING and totally WRONG for a BDSM call. I have hung up on more assholes this month then all my years in business. Yes I am still on Niteflirt and for my long time guys who contact me through Yahoo… still doing things that way as well!!

When you call me make sure you introduce yourself…I have no fucking clue who jeff/joe/bob/dan/brian is…….. if you use your Niteflirt user name and you are a regular I will know who you are. For those wanting forced intox…YES I do know how to use poppers!! Dont ask me where to buy them..do your own research!! also you are wasting your time if you write me a email asking me what to bring to a call. The best sessions are those that gather what they OWN and bring it. Nothing is more boring then some stupid fuck calling up and telling me he wants to bend over and get fucked in the ass and he owns NOTHING or this one asshole (who calls over and over with the same boring excuse of being in a hotel room and has nothing) Dont expect me to entertain you donkey boy!!

I love watching you guys on cam and my favorite cam whore is ms. marcy. I have seen marcy dressed on cam AND also I have talked to her boys on the phone LOL you are the best Marcy!! Thank you retro pig for the box full of old style music!! I love the retro lounge collection and have been listening to them all day while I relax by the pool. Yes you can buy me a gift off my wishlist…. I love presents!! I also love online gift certificates!!

I am glad this summer is starting to come to a end. I know many of you have no privacy right now and it is good to hear from you when you get a free minute. I will be back in action starting tommorro morning at 7am!!

I have had a ton of calls this week, approved it is great to be back in touch with so many of you who have been away for one reason or another. I got to talk to a old blackmail client from WA………. I love talking to good ole Mariner and I plan on taking him down like I did last time.

Thank you Rick for the fun raise the rate game that we played today. It is really nice to actually talk to a REAL cash cow!! I got the CDs and movies you sent to me overnight and the Fed Ex guy was overwhelmed by all the packages!

I am working this weekend and I do take appointment times. Remember, this site if you were dumb enough just to buy my Yahoo ID and a year later you decide to strike up freebie loser chit chat, gerontologist guess what?? you are getting NOTHING. Do you know how fucking stupid you look? Here is typical asshole messages that I BLOCK on a daily basis…….

Loser HI
Me Yes?
Loser How are you?
Me Who are you?
Im Rick/Steve/John/ Brian *yawn*
Me that tells me nothing and your loser user name *hotfordom* or whatever else unimaginative bullshit Yahoo screen name your using is not ringing a bell.
Loser Are you on NF? Did you work for so and so about four years ago??
Me If you do not know who I am FUCK OFF CREEP
Loser Can you give me a hint?
Me BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK OR if I am in a good mood I MIGHT tell you my website which is ALWAYS FOLLOWED BY THIS……
Loser Oh yes I remember you know, so what do you think of faggots/sissy boys/Blackmail ect ect ect
Me Well since you contacted me you MUST want to do a PAID session. I am logged in so pick up the phone and stop trying to get free loser chit chat.
Loser *Oh I have to go I was just checking to see when you will be working/who you are/if I could scam ect ect ect*

Yep I know all your stupid asshole moves and you will NEVER get anything for free from me. THIS IS MY PLACE OF BUSINESS so dont waste my time with your bullshit!

For my long standing clients, you guys are awesome, you treat me like royalty and you make it worth signing on everyday!!

I have had soooo many of you laugh your ass off at the nasty fuck that kept creeping me and my friends out at the beach!!! The guy is a real jackass loser and a CHEAP ONE at that!!! Jaws also tangled with one of my best friends who is also a Dom. Her name is Kennedy and her and two other Doms fucked him up good!! word to you assholes out there in la la land….. THE PRO DOMME WORLD IS A SMALL ONE…….. when you fuck one of us over with your lies and bullshit, illness it all comes back to your sorry ugly ass in the end. If anyone would like to call Jaws I have his phone number. You see he was dumb enough to use his cell phone for everything and all his nasty photos had his number attached. If the douche bag wants total peace he needs to send some serious greenbacks my way!!! HIS PHOTOS ARE GOING TO BE HERE SOON!! hahaha!

As many of you know my birthday is coming up and I want to thank *B* for the trip you sent me on last week. You really know how to treat a Mistress and I had fun meeting you and your friends! Looking forward to our next get together 🙂 One of my subs bought dinner and a movie for me tonight…….. the ladies are here and we are going to a private seating at a very well known club for dinner and then a movie!! I will be working straight through this weekend and then I will be off starting July 1-5th for another trip arranged by one of my best subs!

German pig paul and pindick adam you better get your asses in gear….. only a few more days and you DONT want to miss out on my big day now DO YOU??? Pig Paul you better still be wearing that CB or E L S E!!!!!!!!!

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