This website is overdue from a post from me. I get so busy that I forget to update it! I had a great month of April and got to spend a lot of time with sissy whore Marcy. Marcy has called from various work locations and always gets in a jam when I get on the phone. I had the sissy whore strip down to her panties, and stockings and bra and walk OUTSIDE around various vehicles at a car dealership. This has been going on for a few months now. She calls and I make her do laps. A few weeks ago she called from a hotel. I made her walk in the lobby with her skirt and blouse on and then take her male clothes and put them in the dumpster LOL Marcy is so much fun to push limits and laugh at.

Marcy keeps asking about my other whore Luther. Luther called a few weeks back and asked about Marcy. I think these two bitches would have so much fun together!!

I met a new guy named Poundaway! he was outstanding! he had gone through my pay to view jerk off game while I was on the phone. I loved listening to him get all excited as he unveiled all the steps in the game, getting closer and closer till the very end!!

GERMAN PIG PAUL YOU HAVE REACHED A NEW MONTH AND YOUR PIG FEE IS DUE. I LOVE my German pig Paul. It is rare he gets to call since his girlfriend is always up his ass. I know he does read this and hangs on every single word that I type. You better be listening to all those wonderful mp3s and do what they say!! You are to keep spending your money you fucking loser as I laugh from 3000 miles away!! You are to wear that chasity belt and send me a FULL report! You said you would be reporting in but so far you have failed like a miserable sack of shit. You better pull your head out of your ass and get busy BITCH!!

I went swimming all day yesterday and did a bunch of Patron shots and drank lots of Margaritas. The weather was great and my tan is looking fantastic!! I was going to work this weekend but the pool party was calling my name!! I will be on the phones all this coming week from 6:30 am till 4pm EST. I look forward to hearing your fucked up stories!!