Yep the official start of summer is upon us. Many of you had to wait in line yesterday as my phone was slammed with call after call. I usually am not around on Tuesdays but I knew many of you losers would be dying to get on the phone after being stuck in vacation time hell with your family. Sarah Louise called me from Scotland and we had a fantastic time shopping online!! she bought me some very nice new old style garters and Wolford hose!! In case you do not know, cialis 40mg Wolfords are the ~best~

I have just come back from a quick trip down to the Bahamas. Kingkey was nice enough to send me and three of my girlfriends and put us up in a first class resort. We had fun sitting on the beach laughing at all the losers trying to *act cool* I wish people would just be themselves instead of putting on this stupid macho wacho act. We met this one UGLY duffus who said he was from Florida. For some reason he was under the impression we wanted to talk to him. He was all by himself (surprise) and had on this stupid college themed hat. He had it in his mind he had a killer body LOLOLOL his face looked like it had been shoved down a garbage disposal LMAO I have never met anyone who had such a fucked up looking mouth! The nastiest thing is this stupid fuck was a mouth breather YUCK!!!!! do you know how disgusting it is to be around someone who mouth breathes?? they have dog shit breath!! Anyways for entertainment purposes we decided to keep this toad around because he wanted to impress us by spending wads of money on expensive drinks for us. We let him think he could meet us that night and hang out with us at a beach party. We found out he was staying the same number of nights that we were and even though we had everything paid for by my Keyman, psychotherapist we thought it would be fun to give this loser a dose of his own medicine.

Me and the girls made up what we call a *loser safari* hahahaha what is that? well basically we made him waste his time and money running around to places that we said we were at, BUT in reality we were lying to him LOL you never had so much fun watching this idiot!!!! we had him order expensive champagne and send it to our table, but we were dressed totally different and in crowded places so the idiot never caught up to us. It is sooo much fun going to a crowded night club and stringing this asshole along while he paid for all our drinks!! Kingman had bought me five disposable cell phones so we had plenty of numbers for this idiot to call and text and keep getting more and more frusterated. It was the most laughable weekend I have ever had in a LONG time!!

I am working this week and taking calls/text message sessions. For the idiots who dont know me, I DO NOT do vanilla calls nor do I switch. This is not a dating service. If you are clueless then be honest about your experience level. I work with sissy boys, humiliation junkies, financial Domination boys (only real ones, no need to bother me if this is just a *fantasy*, blackmail and brain washing, ass/shoe/boot worship and most other aspects of BDSM. Looking forward to meeting you and talking to all my boys that have suddenly surfaced!!!