I have had a ton of calls this week, approved it is great to be back in touch with so many of you who have been away for one reason or another. I got to talk to a old blackmail client from WA………. I love talking to good ole Mariner and I plan on taking him down like I did last time.

Thank you Rick for the fun raise the rate game that we played today. It is really nice to actually talk to a REAL cash cow!! I got the CDs and movies you sent to me overnight and the Fed Ex guy was overwhelmed by all the packages!

I am working this weekend and I do take appointment times. Remember, this site if you were dumb enough just to buy my Yahoo ID and a year later you decide to strike up freebie loser chit chat, gerontologist guess what?? you are getting NOTHING. Do you know how fucking stupid you look? Here is typical asshole messages that I BLOCK on a daily basis…….

Loser HI
Me Yes?
Loser How are you?
Me Who are you?
Im Rick/Steve/John/ Brian *yawn*
Me that tells me nothing and your loser user name *hotfordom* or whatever else unimaginative bullshit Yahoo screen name your using is not ringing a bell.
Loser Are you on NF? Did you work for so and so about four years ago??
Me If you do not know who I am FUCK OFF CREEP
Loser Can you give me a hint?
Me BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK OR if I am in a good mood I MIGHT tell you my website which is ALWAYS FOLLOWED BY THIS……
Loser Oh yes I remember you know, so what do you think of faggots/sissy boys/Blackmail ect ect ect
Me Well since you contacted me you MUST want to do a PAID session. I am logged in so pick up the phone and stop trying to get free loser chit chat.
Loser *Oh I have to go I was just checking to see when you will be working/who you are/if I could scam ect ect ect*

Yep I know all your stupid asshole moves and you will NEVER get anything for free from me. THIS IS MY PLACE OF BUSINESS so dont waste my time with your bullshit!

For my long standing clients, you guys are awesome, you treat me like royalty and you make it worth signing on everyday!!