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WOW the year is already flying by!! I have been so busy I have not had time to update my site! I hope everyone had a great January. I know many of you are waiting for the Super Bowl!! Who is going to win??? I am a west coast girl so none of my teams are playing. I just got back from a killer weekend with Mistress Betty. She is a cam Domme and a bad ass one at that!! We got booked into the entire top floor of a VERY posh hotel. Due to privacy reasons I will not go into the session. The client paid top dollar to keep things hush hush 🙂 I have been doing lots of Sissy boy training. I enjoy crossdressers/TVs and all the nice things they like to buy for me! haha! I did a four hour session with Dilly today. I need to tell you fuckers something. When I am in a session DO NOT MESSAGE ME!! I give each client 100% of my attention and I am not going to answer ANY instant message while on the phone. It is called class and it is also known as being curtious. If you cannot understand this, dermatologist find someone else to bother. Dilly I LOVED seeing you on cam, I loved what you bought for your big night out and thank you so much for the Valentines gift!!! Shoes are a fantastic way to win my heart!! You are a true first class shopper!!

I see many of you are crawling out of the mud and back into my realm. My favorite ones are the ones who claim they are *going to cut back* how did that go for you Michael??? hahaha five years later you are still hooked on me and my fantastic wicked mind. So dont waste time, when you see me available, DO NOT ASK IF YOU CAN CALL….JUST DO IT!!! I stay slammed with back to back calls and often do not see emails till the next day. Catch you fuckers later!!!!