If you are sitting around on your fat ass enjoying your day, THANK A VET! This weekend is a three day weekend for many people and lots of you forget what Memorial Day is really for. I want to thank all my wonderful clients who have served their country and protected our nation. I have been doing a lot of sessions with many of our military members who are in Afghanistan. I hope you all get to come home soon!!

My Tiggie has resurfaced!! Great to hear from you again and hope we can chat soon. My schedule is the same as always…. early mornings till 4pm EST, off on Tuesdays! I am available on the weekends and just like yesterday, I am working all day today! I see many of you have bought my cock control games this week. I hope you are enjoying them…I know I am winning! LOL Catch me on Niteflirt or for my VIPs, my messenger. Waiting for you to crawl through the mud and bow down to my perfection!! Roleplay/fetish/humiliation/sissy boy/ forced bi/cuckbitches are my Forte!!