I had a killer week thanks to all my wonderful clients!! It seems like many of you who have been gone for a long time are now back on Niteflirt and ready for more action!! One of my best qualities is that I can remember ALL of my VIPS!! No I dont keep notes or write things down about you. If I truly enjoyed our session and you are a regular client, you are very easy for me to remember!! I got to talk with and also do a cam show with Butt Sniffer John!! I about died when I saw him in his faggoty pink panties LMAO John has been calling me on and off for about five years now. He is always a great conversation and loves when I bash the shit out of him for being a butt sniffer. What a treat it was to see this tiny tooled boy on cam!! The best part of the entire session?? He pulled out his pink plastic pussy and started fucking it on his bed!! Nothing makes me laugh harder or enjoy a call more then listening/watching you do your crazy loser routines!! John you get a gold star for caller of the week!! Thanks for making me laugh!!

I want to thank Brian for all the lovely things and gift cards he has sent to me while playing some forced intox games with me!! It is always soooo much fun to listen to someone getting plastered while they shop their brains out for me!!! I got a wonderful $500 spa certificate, Prada Purse, 2 pairs of Gucci shoes, Dolce perfume, three new dresses, $200 ITUNES card, Bath and Body works spa sets and a $500 Secrets and Lace gift card!! hahahaha!! I know it was the highlight of your week!! Thanks for the money and the gifts sucka!! I keep getting emails from Dumbasses who try to get freebies. Do you not know that your name is already on a loser list and your stupid cut, copy and paste emails go right in the loser trash? You didn’t think I actually read them did you?? Also the great thing about Niteflirt is it has special files and keeps count of how many loser emails you do send! Now do you see why no one pays attention to your stupid ramblings? Yep thats right ass breath!! IGNORE is all you get!!

Some of you have asked if you can pre-book a evening session with me. Yes you can BUT only after you send a tribute so if you do not show up my time is not wasted. That is the only way I do business!! Dont like it? Go call one of those lame ass companies that take your credit card information and try not to be scared what might happen to your credit!! You will just love the inexperienced *Mistress* on the other end of the line LOL the stories I hear about them make me shake my head and wonder WHY you would even go to such a shitty place!! I am here everyday but Tuesdays. Yes I work on the weekends!!! Sunday is my favorite day to work!! See you later boys!!