Its my favorite time of the year. Lots of fun parties, time off and wonderful presents from all my boys!! German Pig Paul seems to be trying to wait till the last second to send something. You better send something NOW pig or else!!!! You are way over due for your fucking bashings from me!! I know that Pin Dick Adam is still out there reading every single word that I type. You are also over due for a good thrashing and I expect you to send your yearly, wonderful Christmas tribute!! Those are my two favorite boys who never fail me on my special days!! I have been super busy and just returned from a wonderful trip to Cancun Mexico. I am back at work and ready to thrash you fuckers!! If you are wondering HOW to shop for me it is very easy. Go to my wishlist button located on the top right of this page, click and shop OR send me an electronic gift card at I am much better to shop for then your slob wife or leachy girlfriend!! haha! Thanks to the boys who have already sent gifts and cards!! you rock!! Hope to speak with you about all your crazy fetish related secrets!!!