I am happy to say that German Pig Paul has sent me a nice fat Amazon gift card. I knew he could not resist his favorite Mistress. You see I have him brainwashed. German Pig Paul has personalized mp3s that I have made him over the years and he is addicted to listening to them. I love taking advantage of him and letting him know what a true PIG he is!!

So it seems the typical *round* of assholes has found the Phone world. What are phone assholes you say? They are the ones who CANNOT READ! They are taken with my photos and fail to see I DO NOT DO VANILLA CALLS. There is nothing you can say or do to make me change my mind. I do not have any interest in you or your pathetic small pricklet. Yesterday they were all out in full force. My favorite one is the one who says he cant find *a good dom* he pledged his allegience as a sub but as usual he was one of those fat asses who does not have a fucking clue. Sooo thankful for the BLOCK BUTTON! I love how they think leaving bad feedback is going to hurt my feelings or my ratings LMAO it does the OPPOSITE SHIT STAIN!! It is great to see so many of my old clients stopping by! Many of you are amazed that I can remember what kind of fucked up fetish you have!! I remember the GOOD ONES ALWAYS!! I am working today February 24th but will be off tomorrow February 25th and back on Sunday the 26th. Catch ya later!!