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This is the second time I have had to type this…..this is the reason I no longer post all the time…. shitty wordpress!!! I hope you are all enjoying the holiday weekend. I got to talk to my poker playing lingerie slut from PA last week and it is always a good time!! Lingerie slut is your typical Manly Man…except when he falls into my claws 🙂 I dressed up the lingerie slut in pink stockings, blue panties and a Maroon teddy…. I love how poker lingerie slut always *finds* more lingerie items in his house!! ha!! Poker lingerie slut goes wild once that satin hits his skin!! always a fantastic call….we have had some great times over the years. 🙂

Paypig4Andria has been hitting the phones hard. I LOVE this idiot!! he likes to load up his account and then grab a bottle of Vodka and get smashed while SINGING for me on the phone. This fool is ALMOST as good as Dumb Dumb……but not quiet.

Here is my schedule for the rest of the weekend………. Sept 4th, 5 and 6th I will be HERE TAKING CALLS….I will be off on Tuesday as usual!!! get your ass to the phone and lets have some fun!!


I just typed out a wonderful update and it DID NOT SAVE. WordPress is a piece of shit!! I will give everyone the short version.. I am working everyday but TUESDAYS. You can contact me through Niteflirt or by instant messanger. Yes I do a lot of text sessions. You DO NOT have to ask me for permission to call. Do not send me emails asking if you can call…….I do not sit in front of the computer all day long and some of you have found out a day later that you missed your chance!! I DO NOT switch nor do I do boring ass vanilla calls. For those of you looking for hardcore humiliation phone calls I am your Domme!! Remember this is not a dating service, resuscitator dont get all fucking bent out of shape when I wont meet your loser ass!! I do have plenty of real time subs that work for me and I am not looking to meet up with strangers.

I have had a lot of forced bi calls this week and I LOVE THEM!! Do yourselves a favor though, diet there must be a website for assholes because there is a small handful of you boring fucks that use the exact same line….. first of all SPEAK THE FUCK UP!! do not call me whispering…you sound fucking stupid and if I cant hear you then I cant train your ass. Dont try and act like I am your chummy ole pal. You sound so fucking stupid when you call and say MMMMMMMMMMM over and over again BORING BORING and totally WRONG for a BDSM call. I have hung up on more assholes this month then all my years in business. Yes I am still on Niteflirt and for my long time guys who contact me through Yahoo… still doing things that way as well!!

When you call me make sure you introduce yourself…I have no fucking clue who jeff/joe/bob/dan/brian is…….. if you use your Niteflirt user name and you are a regular I will know who you are. For those wanting forced intox…YES I do know how to use poppers!! Dont ask me where to buy them..do your own research!! also you are wasting your time if you write me a email asking me what to bring to a call. The best sessions are those that gather what they OWN and bring it. Nothing is more boring then some stupid fuck calling up and telling me he wants to bend over and get fucked in the ass and he owns NOTHING or this one asshole (who calls over and over with the same boring excuse of being in a hotel room and has nothing) Dont expect me to entertain you donkey boy!!

I love watching you guys on cam and my favorite cam whore is ms. marcy. I have seen marcy dressed on cam AND also I have talked to her boys on the phone LOL you are the best Marcy!! Thank you retro pig for the box full of old style music!! I love the retro lounge collection and have been listening to them all day while I relax by the pool. Yes you can buy me a gift off my wishlist…. I love presents!! I also love online gift certificates!!

I am glad this summer is starting to come to a end. I know many of you have no privacy right now and it is good to hear from you when you get a free minute. I will be back in action starting tommorro morning at 7am!!

I have had a ton of calls this week, approved it is great to be back in touch with so many of you who have been away for one reason or another. I got to talk to a old blackmail client from WA………. I love talking to good ole Mariner and I plan on taking him down like I did last time.

Thank you Rick for the fun raise the rate game that we played today. It is really nice to actually talk to a REAL cash cow!! I got the CDs and movies you sent to me overnight and the Fed Ex guy was overwhelmed by all the packages!

I am working this weekend and I do take appointment times. Remember, this site if you were dumb enough just to buy my Yahoo ID and a year later you decide to strike up freebie loser chit chat, gerontologist guess what?? you are getting NOTHING. Do you know how fucking stupid you look? Here is typical asshole messages that I BLOCK on a daily basis…….

Loser HI
Me Yes?
Loser How are you?
Me Who are you?
Im Rick/Steve/John/ Brian *yawn*
Me that tells me nothing and your loser user name *hotfordom* or whatever else unimaginative bullshit Yahoo screen name your using is not ringing a bell.
Loser Are you on NF? Did you work for so and so about four years ago??
Me If you do not know who I am FUCK OFF CREEP
Loser Can you give me a hint?
Me BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK OR if I am in a good mood I MIGHT tell you my website which is ALWAYS FOLLOWED BY THIS……
Loser Oh yes I remember you know, so what do you think of faggots/sissy boys/Blackmail ect ect ect
Me Well since you contacted me you MUST want to do a PAID session. I am logged in so pick up the phone and stop trying to get free loser chit chat.
Loser *Oh I have to go I was just checking to see when you will be working/who you are/if I could scam ect ect ect*

Yep I know all your stupid asshole moves and you will NEVER get anything for free from me. THIS IS MY PLACE OF BUSINESS so dont waste my time with your bullshit!

For my long standing clients, you guys are awesome, you treat me like royalty and you make it worth signing on everyday!!

I have had soooo many of you laugh your ass off at the nasty fuck that kept creeping me and my friends out at the beach!!! The guy is a real jackass loser and a CHEAP ONE at that!!! Jaws also tangled with one of my best friends who is also a Dom. Her name is Kennedy and her and two other Doms fucked him up good!! word to you assholes out there in la la land….. THE PRO DOMME WORLD IS A SMALL ONE…….. when you fuck one of us over with your lies and bullshit, illness it all comes back to your sorry ugly ass in the end. If anyone would like to call Jaws I have his phone number. You see he was dumb enough to use his cell phone for everything and all his nasty photos had his number attached. If the douche bag wants total peace he needs to send some serious greenbacks my way!!! HIS PHOTOS ARE GOING TO BE HERE SOON!! hahaha!

As many of you know my birthday is coming up and I want to thank *B* for the trip you sent me on last week. You really know how to treat a Mistress and I had fun meeting you and your friends! Looking forward to our next get together 🙂 One of my subs bought dinner and a movie for me tonight…….. the ladies are here and we are going to a private seating at a very well known club for dinner and then a movie!! I will be working straight through this weekend and then I will be off starting July 1-5th for another trip arranged by one of my best subs!

German pig paul and pindick adam you better get your asses in gear….. only a few more days and you DONT want to miss out on my big day now DO YOU??? Pig Paul you better still be wearing that CB or E L S E!!!!!!!!!

Yep the official start of summer is upon us. Many of you had to wait in line yesterday as my phone was slammed with call after call. I usually am not around on Tuesdays but I knew many of you losers would be dying to get on the phone after being stuck in vacation time hell with your family. Sarah Louise called me from Scotland and we had a fantastic time shopping online!! she bought me some very nice new old style garters and Wolford hose!! In case you do not know, cialis 40mg Wolfords are the ~best~

I have just come back from a quick trip down to the Bahamas. Kingkey was nice enough to send me and three of my girlfriends and put us up in a first class resort. We had fun sitting on the beach laughing at all the losers trying to *act cool* I wish people would just be themselves instead of putting on this stupid macho wacho act. We met this one UGLY duffus who said he was from Florida. For some reason he was under the impression we wanted to talk to him. He was all by himself (surprise) and had on this stupid college themed hat. He had it in his mind he had a killer body LOLOLOL his face looked like it had been shoved down a garbage disposal LMAO I have never met anyone who had such a fucked up looking mouth! The nastiest thing is this stupid fuck was a mouth breather YUCK!!!!! do you know how disgusting it is to be around someone who mouth breathes?? they have dog shit breath!! Anyways for entertainment purposes we decided to keep this toad around because he wanted to impress us by spending wads of money on expensive drinks for us. We let him think he could meet us that night and hang out with us at a beach party. We found out he was staying the same number of nights that we were and even though we had everything paid for by my Keyman, psychotherapist we thought it would be fun to give this loser a dose of his own medicine.

Me and the girls made up what we call a *loser safari* hahahaha what is that? well basically we made him waste his time and money running around to places that we said we were at, BUT in reality we were lying to him LOL you never had so much fun watching this idiot!!!! we had him order expensive champagne and send it to our table, but we were dressed totally different and in crowded places so the idiot never caught up to us. It is sooo much fun going to a crowded night club and stringing this asshole along while he paid for all our drinks!! Kingman had bought me five disposable cell phones so we had plenty of numbers for this idiot to call and text and keep getting more and more frusterated. It was the most laughable weekend I have ever had in a LONG time!!

I am working this week and taking calls/text message sessions. For the idiots who dont know me, I DO NOT do vanilla calls nor do I switch. This is not a dating service. If you are clueless then be honest about your experience level. I work with sissy boys, humiliation junkies, financial Domination boys (only real ones, no need to bother me if this is just a *fantasy*, blackmail and brain washing, ass/shoe/boot worship and most other aspects of BDSM. Looking forward to meeting you and talking to all my boys that have suddenly surfaced!!!


This website is overdue from a post from me. I get so busy that I forget to update it! I had a great month of April and got to spend a lot of time with sissy whore Marcy. Marcy has called from various work locations and always gets in a jam when I get on the phone. I had the sissy whore strip down to her panties, and stockings and bra and walk OUTSIDE around various vehicles at a car dealership. This has been going on for a few months now. She calls and I make her do laps. A few weeks ago she called from a hotel. I made her walk in the lobby with her skirt and blouse on and then take her male clothes and put them in the dumpster LOL Marcy is so much fun to push limits and laugh at.

Marcy keeps asking about my other whore Luther. Luther called a few weeks back and asked about Marcy. I think these two bitches would have so much fun together!!

I met a new guy named Poundaway! he was outstanding! he had gone through my pay to view jerk off game while I was on the phone. I loved listening to him get all excited as he unveiled all the steps in the game, getting closer and closer till the very end!!

GERMAN PIG PAUL YOU HAVE REACHED A NEW MONTH AND YOUR PIG FEE IS DUE. I LOVE my German pig Paul. It is rare he gets to call since his girlfriend is always up his ass. I know he does read this and hangs on every single word that I type. You better be listening to all those wonderful mp3s and do what they say!! You are to keep spending your money you fucking loser as I laugh from 3000 miles away!! You are to wear that chasity belt and send me a FULL report! You said you would be reporting in but so far you have failed like a miserable sack of shit. You better pull your head out of your ass and get busy BITCH!!

I went swimming all day yesterday and did a bunch of Patron shots and drank lots of Margaritas. The weather was great and my tan is looking fantastic!! I was going to work this weekend but the pool party was calling my name!! I will be on the phones all this coming week from 6:30 am till 4pm EST. I look forward to hearing your fucked up stories!!

The weather is finally nice and now I can break out the tank tops and bathing suits! It has been a long winter, medications but I have had plenty of entertainment from you guys! Lately I have had a lot of sissy boys wanting training. Lots of you like to go on cam and show me your sissy boy outfits and show me your panty collection. I did some online shopping with sissy boy Bryan yesterday at pinupgirlclothing.com they have beautiful items and I cant wait to get my shoes and new dresses that the slut girl bought for me! I will be around all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you need a special time you can email me and we can go from there. German Pig Paul seems to be hiding right now and that is not good. Get your ass out from behind your IPOD and get busy Pig! Remember I am the only one that you should be spending any kind of time and money on! You know I love to brainwash you and keep you locked up like a good piggy! LOL catch you boys on the phone!!

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I just got done watching the Grand Finale of my favorite show NIp/Tuck. I have been watching the show since the pilot in 2003. The show brings back a lot of old memories of one of my favorite callers Miss Priss. I have not talked to Priss in a long time but I bet he still swings by here now and then for a peek 🙂 The Grande Finale was bittersweet, advice love how they mixed it with *All I know*. Everytime I hear that song I will think of the airport scene between Sean and Christian. I am sad to see the show go and glad I have the box sets that Priss got me 🙂 Here is to you Nip/Tuck!!!

I am available for calls and text sessions today 3/4 and tommorro 3/5. Catch me while you can!!


I have been super busy with old and new subbies. It is great to talk to *L* again. We have been having excellent phone sessions and he has been worshipping me for YEARS. His newest thing is he wants to meet my sissy slut Ms. Marcy. *L* gets all excited like a little kid when he talks about the two of them together. He wants Marcy to suck him off and then wants Marcy to keep all the cum in her mouth and bring it up to *L* and french kiss him LMAO I have put *L* in touch with Marcy and I hope they do get together and have some freaky fun.

Marcy is my favorite cam whore. I have been lucky enough to see her and talk to her quiet a bit. Lately it seems Marcy is getting snowed in and being forced to spend time in hotels. Is it not funny that she travels with her panties/stockings? Of course I prefer the entire Marcy look including wig/dress/heels/bra and lipstick. She did not have any of those things this time and it did not matter, glands the lipstick, case panties and nylons were all I needed. I had Marcy guzzle down lots of Vodka, erectile put on her lipstick and then take on of her boy shirts and wear it as a dress lol She was on cam the entire time and it was great MAKE her go down the hall and out in the parking lot. The hotel she was in was situated near a Red Robin and people were coming and going and staring. I love when I tell Marcy to do something and I hear the total fear… *Oh My God* hahahaha she says it everytime and it makes me laugh so hard to hear how nervous/excited she is.

I want to thank everyone for the lovely gift cards and presents I received on Valentines Day….. German Pig Paul, Marcy, Theo, and Chris…. you all made my day!!!!

I got to meet Theo online. Drunk subs are my favorite and so much fun to chat with! Theo was begging to be turned into a shopping pig and sent me a nice fat gift card. He had been drinking all day and just dying to be taken advantage of LOL hope we can do it again real soon Theo!!

German Pig Paul has been around more then ever! I LOVE talking to this idiot! We discussed how stupid and pathetic he is and how he will always be smashed by my stinging words of truth. Pig Paul has confessed he bought himself a Chasity belt. I will soon be getting the keys to this device….right piggy? LOL German Pig Paul is brainwashed by me. He listens to my MP3s he has purchased on his Ipod every single night. I just made him a new one and cant wait to get some feedback on how it crashed his pathetic ass down!!

Pig Paul called yesterday from the parking lot at McDonalds. This is our favorite spot to talk, he is out in public getting tortured by me while I laugh and take all his money. Pig Paul will be forever under my thumb and will never get to escape. The best part of our call yesterday is when he told me he could feel his loser juice squirting out in his pants LMAO without even touching himself!! I thought he was going to start crying!!

Well St. Patricks Day is coming up and as most of you know I am half Irish and love this holiday!!! This will be another reason for German Pig Paul and Pindick Adam from Scotland to keep SPENDING YOU DUMBASSES!!!!!!!!!! I have some fantastic gift cards that I just placed on my Wishlist…. especially the SPA CARD….. get busy bitches!!

Yes the day of chocolate overload and beautiful roses is coming. Many of you will have to take your wife/date out and you will probabley buy her something LAME. I would like to offer up some shopping tips for you idiots who just cannot get it right.

1. Just because it is red does NOT mean it is NICE. Spending $9.99 on Walmart lingerie makes you look like a fucking idiot. Go ahead and cut the tags off, angina we still know where the shit came from.

2. Chocolate is a MUST. the brand though comes in to play. Think Godiva NOT Godollarstore.

3. A gift card from www.spawish.com will probably get you laid.

4. Try to hold yourself back and stay away from anything that comes from Lowes, denture Auto
zone or Home Depot.

With these tips you should have the first successful Valentines Day of your life. Without them you are DOOMED.

Ms. Marcy has been back in the action and dressing up pretty regular. A few days she called me from her Florida hotel room. She was completely dressed and wearing the best wig I have ever seen!! The color looked fantastic. Marcy had her favorite bottle of Vodka and was doing a few shots and then I had her go out her hotel room. I love watching her on Marcycam!! After we played around she had to start her journey back home. She called me from a rest stop so I made her put her sissy clothes back on. I made her change right there in the car LMAO. I then had her get out and walk around her vehicle and wave at everyone and then DRIVE HOME with the outfit and wig still in place.

A few days later she called and was in the Target parking lot. She had dropped off someone and was waiting. I love to push Marcys boundries and limits so I had her drop her pants (she had panties on) and walk around the truck LOL. Yesterday she called and said she was scared to tell me that she had all her sissy clothes and also the famous handcuffs. She was in another parking lot and I had her change into marcy clothes but she did NOT have her wig. I had her get out and walk to a tree and handcuff herself to the tree. I actually heard horns honking in the background!! marcy is a lot of fun and speaking of her…. I had a very old caller call yesterday. It was fantastic to talk to *L*. *L* did the most fantastic thing in the world. He wrote down all the thoughts and dirty things he wanted to talk about. I highly suggest this for anyone that only calls every once in awhile.

*L* has been a customer of mine for years. We have done everything from sitting in his truck jerking off at rest stops, to going on cam shoving a water bottle up his ass. Our favorite past time is whitening his teeth. I love to make him jerk off in his face and then eat his load. I make sure he has his spudge shot in his mouth by making him sing songs, read and talk to me. I have always enjoyed our time together *L* I am glad you continue to serve me.

I bet German Pig Paul thinks he is going to sneak by without a good Valentines day present. That is NOT going to happen. Everytime I sit in my Atlanta Braves beanbag he got me, I laugh at how fucking stupid he is. I do not get to talk to the pig that often. Last time we spoke he was sitting in the parking lot of McDonalds. I always look for him online but the true fact is, he told me he is scared of me. After all these years he is to much of a BITCH to pick up the phone and call. Thanks Piggie Paul for always sending me such lovely things! I know you love spending your money on me.

Another idiot is Pin Dick Adam from Scotland. Adam has been serving me for years from across the pond. Pindick knows the only thing he can do for me is to buy me things to keep me happy. Pindick used to go on cam for me all the time and I would laugh at how small his tiny tool really is. Pindick will make sure I have something lovely from him for Valentines, he always does.

I am taking calls all day today, Wednesday February 3rd. I will return for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This Sunday is Super Bowl!!!!!! I hope everyone tunes in to watch the fantastic commericals and to watch the New Orlean Saints kick the shit out of the Indianapolis Colts. Payton Manning, if you are reading this, contact me for a free session. LOL. I will be available for pre game fun!! once the game starts I will be gone to a Super Bowl party. The phone lines are open and I am ready to deal out some of my fine training!

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